When is the Playstation 4 available/out?

When is the new PlayStation 4 available?

This is a question that is on everyones mind. Well certainly on mine. As a daily ritual I turn on my gaming tv (yes I have a special tv just for gaming), I move my bean bag out from the corner of the room and place it directly in front of the TV, usually with a bowl of cereal and usually at night when the place is quiet. I use oversized stupid looking headphones for maximum effect and turn the lights out and turn on my beloved PlayStation 3.

PS4 Release date,ps4,playstation 4
I understand if someone were to burst unexpectantly into the room they may mistakenly assume I am engaged in some kind of' ''alone time'' but infact I am about to settle in for at least an hour of uninterrupted gaming. (I know that is not that much but unfortunately working full time and having a family gets in the way sometimes). It is fair to say I can't wait until I am turning on my brand new PlayStation 4 instead of PlayStation 3. I experienced a bit of a treat last night, I was playing the awesome Batman Arkam City and realised that my TV wasn't set to HD, I nearly soiled my pants when I re-set the video settings to high definition, the playstation 3 graphics still impress me. So just think of what the graphics will look like on the PS4?

Well actually looking from the PS4 screenshots posted on the www.playstation.com website the graphics look the same. Ok well I am sure that they will be better on the PS4 but, has it got to a point where you can't really tell the difference

 So the release date for the PS4 is 21st of October 2013. I will be first in line to buy one, and obviously won't be buying an Xbox One because they are rubbish.

Coke Zero Explodes -exploding coke zero cans

Exploding can's of Coke Zero

In an unrealeted game post today, I would like to share with you my experience of exploding Coke Zero. I like to opt for coke zero as it has no sugar and tastes slightly better than diet coke. But recently I have experienced something very strange. After looking around the internet It turns out that I am not the only one who has been drenched by fizzing bubbles of the black stuff. If this is what happens when you open a can of Coke Zero normally then what on earth is it doing to your insides. I see that alot of people are reporting gas and upset stomachs from drinking coke too. Hummm.. this all sounds very strange indeed.

coke zero,exploding,explode
However, what I don't like is the fact that this drink is prone to exploding in your face when you open your coke zero can. This has happened twice now to me, and I believe it is it is related to freezing at a higher temperature than regular coke. Meaning that if you keep it in your fridge along side regular coke you may not experience the same exploding affect with normal coke, but only when you open your Coke Zero can.

Dangerous Coke unhealthy and causes cancer

Now is this dangerous you ask? Well no, you just risk getting drenched with stick coke as I did in work at my desk and I had to then explain to my boss why my keyboard was all sticky. :O
The main concern I have with Exploding Coke Zero is the effect it is having on my stomach when I actually drink the stuff? Soft drinks are known for causing cancer and because soft drinks are now cheaper than regular water it is easy to see why people often buy sugary carbonated drinks instead of fresh water. So from now on I may try and drink water.


Awesome Robot - Free IOS game is here

 It's here...

free ios game,free iphone game,awesome robot,free,ios
Awesome Robot available for free

Check out my latest game Awesome Robot, it was great fun making and has been storming it's way up the iTunes charts. Oh and it's completely free ios game to download and play. So download it right now and don't forget to tell everyone you know.
As you can see this Ios game is set in space and involves robots, aliens, floating bombs and space rockets. It has simple one touch controls and is easy for anyone to grasp.
 awesome robot,free game,free ios game
Also take a look at another game I made for iphone,Ipad and Android phones for free, called Magic Mice Zap.

Apple link.

Iphone 5 and the New Samsung Galaxy S4

I recently bought an Iphone 5, if you own an iphone 4 and especially if you own a 4s, I wouldn't bother getting an Iphone 5. I did upgrade from a 3gs, so the improvements are leaps and bounds ahead of what I was used to.

Unfortunately it comes with the disgusting IOS6 as standard,, with its massive drain on your battery power and it's useless Maps (something I never realised how much I used until I was forced to use the appalling Apple maps).. thankfully Google came to the rescue and released google maps for IOS and saved the day.

Now I have been critical of 'Apple Fan's, you know the ones,, picture the long queues outside an Apple store to buy the exspensive and pointless Ipad mini.. And I must point out that I do like the Apple products I own,, 27 inch Imac,, and my Iphone 5.. and my Ipad 3..   I just don't like all Apple products.. 

On paper the Iphone 5 lags behind the worlds best selling smart phone the Galaxy S3, but as I hate the android appstore and all my other products are synced to one big Apple in the sky, I went for the Iphone 5. What I really want to know is can Apple keep up with Samsung,, and without the late great Steve Jobs at the helm, I'm not sure it can..

In particular I am referring to the amazingly cool bendy screens that Samsung have developed.. the potential for this technology is amazing.. Im think an Ipad mini that you could fold up like a wallet and put in your pocket. Impress your mates and add extra protection from the usual smashing your rigid screen on drunken nights out.  We shall have to wait and see.

GoldenEye game.. Best game ever made??

I thought I would share with you guys a few words on my all time favorite game of all time...  

Check it out.. 

GoldenEye Game for N64 (1997)
GoldenEye 007 is a first-person style shooter. Based upon the movie of the same
name. Although, it came out two years after the movie, it was a massive success and
introduced most gamers to the first really good multiplayer split screen game mode,
as well as individual missions in one player mode. The storyline of the game follows
the movie in which players assume the role of British Secret Intelligence Service agent
James Bond as he fights to prevent a criminal syndicate from using a satellite weapon
against London to cause a global financial meltdown.

Thinking about it overall, this is my favourite game of all time. It is definitely the game
I have played more than any other. This is due to many reasons including the usual,
good graphics, sound, and usability. But overall the main reason why I played this game
so much was because of the multiplayer mode. During split-screen multiplayer mode,
two, three or four players can compete in different types of deathmatch games.  This
was before broadband connections and meant that you would have to call around to
your friends house to play multiplayer, meaning a good night in with the lads instead of
todays more impersonal internet based multiplayer.

At first  GoldenEye was conceived as an on-rails shooter like Sega’s virtua Cop and
other arcade games, but then it was redesigned as a free-roaming shooter.  The game
was a massive success despite a lukewarm reception at the E3 convention. It sold over
8 million copies worldwide, making it the third best selling Nintendo 64 game. Looking
back at this game it is easy to forget that  GoldenEye  pioneered many features that
have since become commonplace in first-person shooters, such as varied and complex
mission objectives, multiplayer mode and the excellent zoomable sniper rifle and stealth

The challenges in single player mode keep the player interested and engaged
throughout each level. The multiplayer was unique and fun (at the time).
Graphicsoldeneye displayed realistic graphics that again for its time were cutting edge. It
pushed the N64 console to its limit, with bright colors and realistic effects. By todays
standards a lot of the characters may look quite blocky, with clenched blocky fists and
limited movements. But a lot of the objects in the game are designed beautifully, lights,
computers, tables and chairs. Many of these elements can be interacted with, (shot at,
knocked over) etc. This of course adds to the realistic gameplay.
The graphics also have realistic lighting effects and shading, there is not an over use
of gradients. As you progress through the game you can see that there are many
interesting textures used for various items in the game.

For its time (1997) the game used really realistic sound effects and dramatic
atmospheric music to add to the overall appeal of the game. Each gun, created unique
sounds, and for the first time, the sound was not only focused on the gunshots but also
what the bullets would hit. major feature of gameplay is how a lot of items in the game can be interacted with and be damaged or destroyed by contact. Glass breaking, crashing, character noises all
add to the atmosphere.

The music was closely matched to that of the movie, giving a kind of industrial soviet
feel to some of the levels, this also included the famous James bond jingle that would
play every time they died, as well as playing in different styles throughout the game.

Target Audience
The game was targeted to fans of the Bond movies, and catered mainly to teenage
boys. But anyone who owned a N64 at the time would have surely at least once owned,
borrowed or stole a copy of the game at the time.

GoldenEye is a first-person shooter that features both single and a multiplayer modes.
During gameplay for single player there are many realistic missions relating to usually
completing a series of objectives - such as collecting or destroying specified items,
rescuing hostages, or meeting with friendly NPCs – and then exit the stage. Sometimes
you could even use gadgets from the James Bond films such as his magnetic watch
used to pick up a set of keys while locked in a jail cell.

Another major aspect of the gameplay was the realistic way in which guards in the
game would if they spotted you, run away and sound alarms. This would trigger a flood
of more guards and would usually spell the end of your game. The same would go for
security cameras, you could use your gun to shoot these out before crossing a road or
passage way. This stealthy approach forced the player to take their time instead of just
running quickly through the game, shooting and blowing things up. Something that I feel
is a major criticism of today's massively popular Call Of Duty series. This also meant
that you would use a silencer on your gun or a telescope on your rifle to avoid detection
and therefore adding to the fun of the game.

GoldenEye boasted an arsenal of weapons including pistols, submachine guns, heavy
weapons, grenades, and throwing knives, among others.  Guns have a finite magazine
and must be reloaded after a certain number of shots, but the player may acquire and
carry as many weapons as can be found in each mission.  The player begins the game
in most missions with James Bond’s Walther PPK, like in the books, although it is called
a PP7 in the game.

Level of Difficulty 
Like all good games GoldenEye has a few different difficulty levels. The easy level is
easy enough to progress through most of the game, but as you get better you can try
your hand at the most difficult level called 00 agent.  Another feature about the level of
difficulty in this game is that as you and your friends progress in skill playing multiplayer
this will also add to the overall level of difficulty. In other words, as you and your friends mprove their skills the difficulty level of multiplayer increases.

GoldenEye 007 was developed by an inexperienced team; eight of its nine
developers had never previously worked on video games. David Doak commented in
2004, "Looking back, there are things I'd be wary of attempting now, but as none of the
people working on the code, graphics, and game design had worked on a game before,
there was this joyful naïveté."

I think that the game overall was very creative, each level is unique and interesting.
It loosely follows the storyline of the movie but has nice aspects like if you were to
shoot an innocent character you can be caught and the game can be over.  The stealth
gameplay also allows you to use your sniper rifle to quietly take out the guards and
creep around the different levels.

Level 1 starts out in the chemical weapons facility similar to the movie, you begin by
entering the enemies bathroom via a ventilation shaft. From the very start of the game
there is an emphasis on engaging in stealth tactics so as not to alert other enemies or
alarms in the game. You then progress outside, where you are introduced into using
a sniper rifle to take out the bad guys, this cool feature was the first time a decent
zoomable gun was available to players of any game.

There is a loose storyline that again roughly follows the game, characters speak with
english subtitles instead of today’s expected acted out and spoken out english. As
you play on, levels and environments around you change but unlike other games at
the time, the gameplay and challenges adapt and become more complex and difficult.
Rewards for playing, involve unlocking characters that you can use during multiplayer,
and include James Bond Villains from right across the whole James Bond franchise.

Value for money
As previously stated I believe that GoldenEye is one of the best computer games ever
made. For overall Graphics, Sound and gameplay nothing else before or since has held
my attention more, a close second is Modern Warfare but it is hard to compare because
there is over 13 years in the diference. But for its time GoldenEye was truly amazing.
I think when it came out it was 30 Irish Pounds and well worth the money. There have
been a few recent updates, the latest being the version for the Nintendo Wii but it is
hard to beat the original game for fun.

Bombs and more bombs

I really just wanted to show you the new character I created for a new game (that is nowhere nearly finished yet). I drew them up in illustrator and would work well as icons for a website too. I hope to animate them and make the facial expressions change and eventually the bomb itself will explode.

Although I did draw them up from scratch I did take a look at a tutorial provided by spriteattack on his blog 2dartforbeginners.com which if you don't know it already is really cool.

I decided to make the eyes green for a change and I really like the shine from the lit fuse and the reflection below and above the bomb. It looks really good, even if I do say so myself.. soon I will be creating a number of video tutorials and will be uploading them to Youtube, so that is something to look forward to  :)   

Getting featured by Apple

No amount of marketing and self promotion can beat the featured section of the Apple appstore. This will boost the sales and provide a much appreciated jump up the charts and rankings, thus making even more people view and 'hopefully' download your product.

But how exactly do the staff at Apple choose what App they would like to feature? Is it pure pot luck? Or is it all about quality? Well I believe it is a bit of both. If you check out the featured page on your particular category of app you will notice a list of apps of varying difference but more or less with a few common features.  And I know I don't need to spell out the most important point, just make an amazing App with an exciting description, garbage rarely gets featured... 

5 Tips to help you get featured by Apple    

1: Bright clear interesting App Icon

All you have to do is check the list of applications that are currently featured. You will notice that almost every single one has a professional fun, quirky, interesting app icon that draws both the Appstore customer but also the Apple reviewer to the app.  Notice something about my featured icon below? A handy tip is don't forget to set your background to the same grey as the Appstore this will give you an idea of how it will look if featured. By the way it's a perfect grey (RGB 235,235,235) that's how I always start before I begin the icon design. Also, don't design your app icon last after you finish your app, you will be more likely to rush it. Take your time!!

2: Don't follow the trend, be original 

After I decided on the type of game I was going to build I had to quickly check the Appstore and see what was trending popular at the time. It happened to be Zombies, endless Zombie based games,, zombies running, jumping, dancing, flying.. blah blah..
Do something different, your Appstore reviewer is sick of seeing the same thing over and over. Give them something fresh to review. Are you really going to build yet another alarm clock application? You have no hope of getting something boring and unoriginal featured by Apple. 

3: Make the review process as easy as possible 

Remember your first port of call is marketing your app to the Apple reviewer. That means have an excellent icon, screenshots and most importantly a good description of your app BEFORE the app goes in for review. Also, don't forget to include any test accounts you may have set up for gamecentre ect, and closely follow the apple submission guidelines. I believe it will greatly reduce your chances of being featured if your app is rejected and has to be resubmitted. 

4: Make money for Apple

Apple is a business after all and I'm sure they want to only feature apps that will be commercially successful. Now most apps are made by small independent developers like myself, but even we should sit down and think about a business model for our apps.  Too many developers make apps because they think it would be cool to have an app that did XY or Z. Instead of asking themselves, will people buy this? Also, make your app paid it will increase your chances, you can also switch back to free later. 

5: Get Lucky/Pray and Hope

As there is no guarantee that a great app will always get featured all you can do is do your best. It is for that reason that your overall strategy for developing a good app shouldn't even factor in getting featured. Just have a clear marketing strategy and don't forget to capture the downloaders of your app via twitter, facebook or your website. Useful to have a fanbase to build on when releasing something new. 

Quick update - New game concept

I had a dream about a game last night, so I woke up and drew up the title page. This is always the way I begin a game, it sums up what the game is about and also what the game will look like. I felt it was time to do a fairly graphic bloody mature game. So what better way to do that then allow the user control a fearsome shark who has to eat as many fish as he can. Think Finding Nemo meets Jaws... and that pretty much sums up the game.

I am still undecided what I will develop the game on first, Ipad or Iphone,, I may have to go with Iphone on this one.. users can then scale up the game and play it on their Ipad. The reason for this is simple, the iphone scaled up to Ipad looks better than the Ipad scaled down to iphone, the reason of course is because the resolution on the Ipad 3 is a super clear 2048 X 1536 pixels.

Gurrr.. but even as I write this I'm undecided I do love putting the little HD letters after an ipad game.. gives it such a quality feeling.

This is the single picture I have done, and I now know the whole game.. it's gonna be Awesome...

Oh and I almost forgot to say, there is a whole load of my games coming out very soon, actually tomorrow. But I will give a good update shortly with links to Alien Bomb Attack for iphone and Alien Bomb Attack HD for iPad. I am sure they will be smash hits when they come out on the Apple App store. 

Alien Bomb Attack available for Android

Well congratulations to myself for a job well done.. My new game Alien Bomb Attack is now available for Android on Google Play. Please enjoy the trailer below and I think you find that the game is really awesome.

On android it looks great,, and It works really well on iphone and ipad as it has gamecenter so you can post your scores.. But it is still really cool for Android.. you can download it from Google Play..If you do a search for ALIEN BOMB ATTACK or just download it here. . so please download it and enjoy and don't forget to leave a great review.

Free Iphone game - Magic Mice Zap

Hey everyone,

This is just a friendly reminder that my game Magic Mice Zap for Iphone is available completely free for Ipad and Iphone. You can download it from the Itunes store here.

So just to give an update on my new game Alien Bomb Drop, I will be finishing this game shortly,, hopefully by next week so it will be available on all smart devices in 2 weeks time. (I hope).

In other news Popcap games based here in Dublin has shut down its Dublin office and layed off 96 people.. So it is my verdict that they suck,, so never download Bejewelled or Plants vs Zombies because they are a waste of time and space..

In other other news.. Nintendo's lame looking Wii U console has received record pre sales orders at Gamestop.. This is interesting as It is this bloggers opinion that it looks like a piece of plastic crap.. but I still want one.. because I think its cool.. wait I just contradicted myself again..